Medic Room Massage

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17 min
It's hard works at training camp, but there's eye candy at every turn, especially during topless exercises! During some very horny sit-ups, Johny accidentally twists his partner Nathan's ankle, obviously distracted by those tight smooth abs working in front of him. Helping him to the medic room, Johny wants to make it up to his dark haired mate and takes off his sock to massage his foot and ankle, slowly working up his leg towards his crotch. Unwilling to stop him, French stud Nathan Hope lays back and lets it happen, with horny Johny Cruz getting what he wants, and that's Nathan's delicious big dick thrusting down his throat and straight up his ass on the sofa. Anyone could walk in, but this doesn't stop them pounding hard, distracting from the twisted ankle and more interested in stretched butts and creamy loads! Their smooth bodies twisting and flexing, this is just the right kind of exercise these gorgeous boys need instead of sit-ups in the sunshine!
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