Cadinot : Pressbook

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106 min
Cadinot gives us a view of the intriguing world of fashion, with the help of sumptuous young males from around the world - France included!Talk about fashion and you talk about international top models with all their charm and perfect looks. For Pressbook, Cadinot needed to find actors whose looks rivalled those of the boys in the top ads. After a rigorous casting, the team was composed of sumptuous young males from Russia, Germany, Belgium, the USA, Italy, Tunisia, Mexico - and of course France! (We have cute babes too, huh?) Cadinot gives us a microscopic view of this intriguing and nihilistic world of fashion. The world of a model agency, its clients, models and photographers. Professional intrigue and romance, glamour, extroversion and desire... all are kings here. Really, though, Press Book is a furnace where you will be drenched... with sweat, cum and tears of joy! A fine vintage, a fine Cadinot. An event. And one of the first movies of Michael Lucas!
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