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A French provincial city is the scene of this story where Giacomo, a young and beautiful epeebe from immigration, fits in as best he can, accepting all the dirty jobs that the French of origin refuse to perform. He rounds off his end of the month by offering his charms either to one of his bosses very focused on sex, sometimes to the sons of local notables or notables themselves, and against small gifts that compensate for the mediocrity of his daily and decorate the miserable shed pulled to the bottom of a wood where he lives. His sexual prowess all over the place irritate more and more ambient Judeo-Christianity and his lot of moralizing hypocrisy. The offerings accumulate, his life improves and a meeting with a fashion photographer will suddenly allow him to approach the future under more promising horizons. This film is a current and uncompromising social chronicle where 11 actors unveil their charms and realize their wildest fantasies in 11 particularly subversive scenes.

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