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1. The programs must not go against common law, and in particular must not undermine the dignity of the human person, the physical or psychological integrity of the person, or incite hatred (racial, sexist , homophobic, etc.).

2. The use of minor actors, major actors playing minor characters, or even major actors whose youthful appearance is likely to make them pass for minors or to maintain an ambiguity as to their real age is strictly prohibited. Any plot, any sequence that has any connection with childhood is strictly prohibited.

3. Incest scenes such as depictions of incestuous relationships are prohibited.

4. Sexual acts or sexual foreplay imposed under coercion, physical or moral, are prohibited, whether this coercion is explicitly represented or simply suggested. When a program contains scenes of violence which fall within the subject of this program but which are not directly linked to the representation or evocation of sexual acts or sexual foreplay authorized under the conditions of this charter , the depiction of these scenes of violence must in no way be complacent, glorify violence or legitimize it. Any gratuitous accumulation of scenes of violence, physical or moral, even independent of the representation or evocation of sexual acts or sexual foreplay, is prohibited.

5. The world of prostitution, when it is treated, must not be the subject of a complacent representation, nor be likely to glorify prostitution, and more broadly human trafficking, or legitimize them. The commission of the sexual acts depicted must not be explicitly associated with any form of retribution.

6. The depiction of sexual acts or sexual foreplay should never be associated with the commission of criminal offences. The evocation for the purposes of the plot of activities of a criminal nature must never be gratuitous or complacent, nor of such a nature as to glorify these activities or to legitimize them.


1. Authorized Scenes

The scenes below are authorized subject to their compliance with the aforementioned principles.

  • 1) The nudity of the bodies is accepted: the intimate parts of the body (breasts, female and male sexes, anus) can be shown in close-up;
  • 2) Foreplay to the sexual act;
  • 3) Explicit penetration scenes (non-simulated and in close-up);
  • 4) Close-up clitoral and vaginal masturbation scenes;
  • 5) Close-up male masturbation scenes;
  • 6) Oral-genital relations (cunnilingus and blowjobs);
  • 7) Ejaculations;
  • 8) The scenes of sexual penetration using objects of a usual size that are clearly not intended to cause their users any suffering;
  • 9) Submission scenes (see paragraph 2 point 7 below).

2. Prohibited scenes

  • 1) Scenes with blood;
  • 2) Sexual acts not freely consented to and scenes of incitement to rape;
  • 3) Sexual acts between members of the same family (incest);
  • 4) Sexual acts committed with violence and/or involving the use of weapons;
  • 5) Sexual acts giving rise to financial reward and where the exchange of money appears clearly;
  • 6) Sexual acts involving uniforms (military or religious) except in the case of fancy uniforms that cannot be attributed to an order, institution or nation;
  • 7) Sexual acts of sadism, sadomasochism and scenes of submission. Submission scenes may however be authorized under the double condition (i) that it is clear that the acts of submission represented are freely consented to both by the actors and by the characters they play and (ii) that they are not detrimental to human dignity;
  • 8) Sexual acts with underage or underage-looking actors;
  • 9) Sexual acts of zoophilia, necrophilia, scatology, pissing ;
  • 10) Sexual acts showing conspicuous religious signs.

3. Language

Dialogues should never be degrading.

No direct or indirect verbal allusions to incest and pedophilia.

No direct or indirect racist verbal allusions.

No direct or indirect verbal allusions to religion.

No incitement to commit criminal offences.

4. Titles

The titles must not go against the principles set out in this charter.

No direct or indirect allusions to incest and pedophilia.

No title referring to the use of minor actors and/or the representation of minor characters in the programs.

No direct or indirect racist allusions.

No direct or indirect allusions to religion.

No incitement to commit criminal offences.

5. Advertising

No obvious and prolonged appearance of addresses referring to websites.

6. Promotional material

The stipulations of this charter also apply to promotional material relating to the programs.